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Forget crowded gyms and treadmills, you can now exercise and reshape your body whilst discovering some unique corners of London. From one-to-one private lessons to group workouts I have created a brand new fitness technique that merges self-defence with cardio exercises whilst uncovering the most stunning corners of London.

Training is hard enough without having to stare at a screen or be surrounded by pumped-up sweaty people, so let’s improve your coordination, strength, resistance and flexibility with Karaterobic, your new way to discover London through fitness.

“Get challenged, get inspired, for results that last.”



Karaterobic is a brand new fitness technique that combines Karate, Aerobic and Music. It stems from the need to have an empty-handed workout, wherever you are and whenever you want without being influenced by places, machines and equipment.

Your tailor-made programme will include a full body workout with a multi-disciplinary approach that ranges from Karate to H.I.I.T. to floor routine.

One-to-one Lessons

Break your habits and achieve the ultimate body with a tailor-made programme that includes fitness and nutritional support.

London Fitness Tour

Stunning London Itineraries to improve your resistance and strength. Groups of 5 to 10 people.

Nutritional Plans

Get your personalised nutritional plan to achieve a healthier lifestyle with NO diet and without having to miss out on the food you love.

“Savio is not just a personal trainer but a true lifecoach. I love how he made me discover London whilst training. I have achieved results I never thought I could in such a short time.”

Caroline Khan

“The London Fitness Tour is so much fun. I love how in 2 hours you work on your strength, balance and self defence, whilst toning both your upper body and lower body. I feel much stronger and fitter. Savio’s positivity and energy is really contagious.”

Carlotta Duma

Totally addicted to the London Fitness Tours. I am discovering new parts of London, whilst doing an intense full body workout. The brunches at the end are just the cherry on the cake. I recommend it to both expats living in London and tourists.

Jessica Ferrari


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