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Karaterobic is the new fitness discipline that empowers women by merging a full-body workout with self defence. If you are sick and tired of hearing about the many attacks that happen every day in London and feel defenceless about the whole thing, it is time you do something about it and learn what to do to increase your self awareness,  minimize the danger, command your voice and body language and handle an attack.

The course works on your strength, resistance, balance and speed, whilst teaching you the best self defence techniques all to the rhythm of music. So get ready to have fun whilst becoming a stronger and more confident YOU.

“Get challenged, get fit, get empowered.”


Private personal trainer, fitness instructor and Karate expert, Savio started Martial Arts when he was seven. After winning several National Karate competitions he decided to use the knowledge he had acquired to help women become more aware of their own physical and mental strength in order to feel more confident and secure. “Nobody is more powerful than you”, is his  motto. If you are mentally aware and physically trained you have 80% possibility of escaping or handling an attack. With his bubbly personality he turns every lesson into a truly enjoyable experience where you learn the best self defence techniques all to the rhythm of music by mixing a full body workout with a specific focus on how to react to specific attacks.



“I have trained with Savio for almost a year now and I feel not only much fitter but much more confident and self aware, still haven’t punched anyone but feel ready for it! Haha! I absolutely recommend Savio for both personal training and self defence.”

Caroline Khan

“Karaterobic is great. I never thought I could actually react to any attack and now I feel I could do it and I am a lot more careful and aware when I walk around on my own. Savio’s positivity and energy is really contagious.”

Carlotta Duma

Totally addicted to Karaterobic. It is so adrenalinic and makes you feel empowered just after a few lessons. I have also tried some of the outdoor workouts and I absolutely loved them since they are set in non touristic areas of London that I didn’t know.

Jessica Ferrari


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